Application Services

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Persistent Identifier (PID)

Get permanent references to your research data by Persistent Identifier (PIDs). Learn More

High Performance Computing

Make complex model computations or extensive data analysis for your research. Learn More

Library Service Aleph

Get a high performance library system software (ILS) and an online catalogue (OPAC) to present your library‘s holdings. Learn More

Database Service Oracle

Get an Oracle database for your institute. Learn More

Database Service MySQL

Operate a MySQL database. Learn More

Database Service PostgreSQL

Application and Registration Services

Implement an application or general registration procedure, e.g. for open positions or meeting management. Learn More

Plagiarism Prevention

Check student papers, bachelor, master or PhD theses or other papers for authenticity. Learn More

Online Surveys

Conduct online surveys and store the gathered data at a trustworthy site in Germany. Learn More

Bioinformatics Programs

Access to a large number of bioinformatics programs in dialog and batch mode, as well as to web interfaces from MASCOT, Galaxy and RStudio. Learn More

Statistics Programs

Get the software and computing power for your ambitious statistical computations. Learn More


An easy-to-use platform for data analysis in a web browser with the languages Python, Julia or R. Learn More