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Application Services

High Performance Computing

Your Requirement

You need complex model computations or extensive data analysis for your research. The software you use for this purpose has special requirements, and is therefore not suited for standard servers.

Our Offer

We offer you a comprehensive range of high performance computing (HPC) resources, i.e., servers with high processing power, large memory or disk space, or a powerful high speed interconnect for parallel applications, along with the corresponding consulting services.

Preconditions For Use

Access to the HPC resources must be activated for your userid.

How To Use

Your Advantages

  • Access to regularly updated state of the art HPC systems
  • Suitable resources for a broad spectrum of different application profiles: memory intensive data analysis, multithreading, or massively parallel MPI applications
  • Integration with the central storage systems of the GWDG: Your results are available anywhere and are backed up regularly.
  • The Slurm resource management system enables you to efficiently control your compute tasks.
  • Training courses, for example on application parallelization
  • Expert advice on all your HPC questions
  • Ready to use preinstalled HPC libraries and applications, for example Gaussian, Turbomole and a wide range of bioinformatics applications. We will be pleased to advise you.
  • You can run your own application containers with Singularity.
  • The HPC system can be used as a backend for Jupyter notebooks with Jupyter-Hub.
  • Apache Spark clusters can be configured as batch jobs