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Application Services

Library Service Koha

Your Requirement

As head of a scientific library you are looking for a high performance integrated library system (ILS) and an online catalogue (OPAC).

Our Offer

We offer the usage of the Koha Library Service of the GWDG to handle all or parts of your business. With the Koha Web OPAC you provide an efficient search tool for your users.
We support you during the whole process of creating and managing your setup or we take on this task with the help of a ready-made setup. Every library gets its own Koha instance in which you can configure all available settings for your library according to your needs.

Preconditions For Use

A valid GWDG account is required to obtain a Koha instance. To use the service interface, you need a current web browser; there is no need to install special client software on library PCs.

How To Use

Your Advantages

  • Open source product, i.e. no license fees are charged
  • Hosting, infrastructure, maintenance and updates of hard- and software are provided by the GWDG.
  • Free decision on usage of Koha for full or only parts of business per instance
  • Choice between building up your own system library competence in the library with maximum parametrization options or using a setup maintained by the GWDG
  • Regular backups of the Koha servers with TSM to GWDG internal servers
  • Maximum control over your data, which is only stored on servers in the data centres of the GWDG.
  • GDPR compliant administration, anonymization and deletion of personal data
  • Central monitoring by the GWDG