Application Services

Statistics Programs

Your Requirement

For your ambitious statistical computations you need the necessary software and computing power.

Our Offer

We offer access to standard software at our high-powered compute server (SAS/JMP, Stata, SPSS/AMOS, Statistica, R for Windows and R-Studio) or our HPC cluster (R).

Preconditions For Use

A precondition for use is a GWDG account. For Linux based systems small basics in Linux are necessary.

How To Use

Your Advantages

  • Long-running computations at high powered hardware with large main memory
  • High reliability and availability through redundant systems and network connections
  • We will help you to use your own programs at our computers (under Linux and Windows Server).
  • Simpler and encrypted access to your processing and storage area
  • Periodic backups (also of big data); long-term archiving