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Distributed Storage and Information Management Course

I. Overview

This lecture is offered as a block course. Students will learn about specific topics in distributed architectures as well as in distributed data and information management.

Please note: With this lecture, we also prepare students for the EMC Information Storage and Management Certificate. The Institute of Computer Science of the Georg-August Universität Göttingen is a proven professional of the EMC Academic Alliance.

II. Entrance criteria


III. Recommended qualifications

  • Computer architecture
  • Basic network protocols
  • Virtualisation techniques

IV. Educational objectives

Successfully completing the lecture, students

  • have in-depth knowledge about one specific topical area of distributed systems
  • understand the challenges of designing this specific part of a distributed system and integrating it into a larger infrastructure
  • understand the tasks to operate this specific part of a distributed system within a modern data centre
  • can apply their knowledge to evaluate application scenarios and make decisions regarding the applicability of certain technical solutions

In particular, you will

  • understand how data and information can be stored and managed
  • know the generic components of a modern data centre
  • understand how to protect data using RAID and what RAID level to apply to what problem
  • know about “intelligent” storage systems, including concepts like caching
  • understand various storage networking technologies like Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and FCoE
  • know about network-attached, object and unified storage
  • basically understand how to achieve business continuity of storage systems
  • understand the different backup and archiving technologies
  • understand data replication
  • have a basic understanding of storage virtualization
  • know how to manage and how to secure storage infrastructures

V. Exam

Type: Written exam (90 minutes) or oral examination, 20 minutes, with grade

Admission criteria for the exam

Solving and presenting at least one exercise (written solution and presentation), as well as active participation during the exercises. Details will be provided during the course.

Expectation on the examinee

  • Profund knowledge of
  • Information Storage
  • Data Centre Environment and Components
  • RAID
  • Caching
  • Storage Provisioning
  • Fibre Channel
  • IP SAN
  • FCoE; Network-Attached Storage
  • Object-Based and Unified Storage; Backup and Archiving; Replication; Storage Cloud; Security in Storage Infrastructures; Management of Storage Infrastructures

VI. Recommended literature

S. Gnanasundaram, A. Shrivastava (eds.), Information Storage and Management, John Wiley & Sons, 2012. ISBN:978-1-118-09483-9

Modul M.Inf.1231

  • 6 Credits
  • Regularly offered in Summer semesters as a block course in August/September
  • Language: English

Dr. Philipp Wieder

M. Sc. Stefan Teusch

M. Sc. Peter Chronz

Amount of work

  • 56 h attendance, 6 days full-time
  • 124 h self-studies