Email & Collaboration

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E-Mail-Service (MS Exchange 2016)

Get your designated e-mails to your inbox with a trouble-free and uninterrupted e-mail server operation Learn More

Spam and Virus Filtering

Maintain your own e-mail server but keep your incoming e-mails free of viruses. Learn More

Mailing Lists

Communicate via e-mail with a group of selected recipients - also outside your institute. Learn More

MS Sharepoint

You want to establish a collaborative communication and information platform. Learn More

Managed Services

Get a service without the burden of management - don't worry about hardware, basic installation or basic updates. Learn More

Project Management Service

Work in teams on one or several projects and get a range of project supporting tools. Learn More


Work on text documents and presentations with your team in a simple way. Learn More


You are looking for a simple platform to use LaTeX without having to install and maintain LaTeX locally. Learn More


A simple platform for team or one-on-one communication and filesharing Learn More

GWDG Web-Office


Manage documents collaboratively with the git version control software Learn More