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Your Requirement

You want to manage documents collaborativly with the git version control software, track your progess and issues of projects or document your project in a wiki. You expect a reliable service that is available everywhere and can be embedded into your infrastructure.

Our Offer

With GitLab we offer a platform which allows you to manage your source code in a convenient way. You can model your development process easily and flexibly into GitLab with the tools provided by the service. You can focus on managing your project and we monitor and maintain this service and take care of backing up your data.

Preconditions For Use

The service is available to all members of the Max Planck Society and the University of Göttingen. Every user can create, manage projects or groups. Users outside of the Max Planck Society respectively the University of Göttingen can be invited to existing projects.

How To Use

Your Advantages

  • Web-based source code management with a wide range of functionality and plugins to support the development lifecycle
  • Configuration of Continuous Integration
  • Supports the „Merge Request Workflow“
  • Advice and support in setting up your projects
  • Connection to the central GWDG user management
  • Central monitoring, reliability and backup through the GWDG