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E-Mail Collaboration

Mailing Lists

Your Requirement

You would like to communicate via e-mail with a group of selected recipients, possibly also outside your institute. You want to independently manage a mailing list, e.g. add or remove recipients, or open the list, so that list members can independently enter or unsubscribe. Or you want to write to a group of recipients via newsletter, and only communicate one-sidedly.

Our Offer

We offer you a list server which reliably ensures that your e-mails are sent to all members entered in the mailing list. The e-mails can also be archived if required. The archive can be searched for keywords by all members of the list. The number of your mailing lists is unlimited.

Preconditions For Use

All you need is a valid e-mail address, which is entered as an administrator in the mailing list. The administrative tasks are easy to learn.

How To Use

Your Advantages

  • Powerful, fail-safe system for distributing e-mails even to large number of recipients
  • You simply send your e-mail to a mailing list address; the distribution to the members of the mailing list is handled by the list server.
  • List members can reply to this e-mail address. Moderation functionality is available which allows you to approve or reject the distribution of an e-mail.
  • Full administrative access to the settings of the mailing list and list members
  • Obsolete e-mail addresses are recognized by the system and automatically removed.
  • If your e-mail domain is hosted at the GWDG, you can also set up the address of the mailing list through this domain.


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