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Your Requirement

You use LaTeX to create complex documents and look for a simple platform to do so, without having to install and maintain LaTeX locally on your laptop and desktop PC. You want to work simultaneously with other people on your documents, independently of different TeX installations and operating systems.

Our Offer

With ShareLaTeX we offer a LaTeX installation on our servers usable through your web browser. Documents can be edited simultaneously in real time with other users during communication through a build-in chat next to the document.

Preconditions For Use

A valid GWDG account, a current web browser and basic LaTeX knowledge are required to use the ShareLaTeX service. Users without a GWDG account can register one at and send a request to to have their account approved for the service.

How To Use

Your Advantages

  • Easy to use standard ShareLaTeX platform with your web browser, based on TeX Live
  • No operating costs or setup time required
  • The service produces output as PDF which can be downloaded through the web browser
  • Collaborative editing of a LaTeX document and easy communication via chat