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E-Mail Collaboration

Mailing Lists

Your Requirement

You would like to communicate via e-mail to or within a group of selected recipients, also outside your institute. You would like to independently manage a mailing list, e.g. to add or remove recipients. Individual persons should be able to register to your mailing list.

Our Offer

We offer you a list server which reliably ensures that your e-mails are sent to all registered members of the mailing list. The e-mails can be automatically archived. The archive can be searched through by list members by means of keywords. The number of your mailing lists is unlimited.

Preconditions For Use

A person must be appointed (e-mail address) for the administration of your mailing list. The administrative tasks are easy to learn.

How To Use

Your Advantages

  • High quality fail-safe system for sending a large number of e-mails
  • You send your e-mail to a mailing list address and the list server distributes it to the members of the mailing list.
  • Members on the list can reply to this e-mail address. Moderation functionality is available where you can approve the distribution of a message.
  • Full administrative access to the settings of the e-mail list and the members on the list
  • Obsolete e-mail addresses will be recognized by the system and automatically deleted.
  • If your e-mail domain is hosted by GWDG you can also set up domain-specific mailing lists.