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Network Services

Cable and Route Management System

Your Requirement

You want to depict and document your existing network structure in detail. Starting from the structural network wiring in the distribution rack with patch panels and switches through to the network outlet in the rooms of one or more buildings. In addition, an illustration of the networking between buildings or institutes should be possible.

Our Offer

The active and passive components here at GÖNET are documented via the cable and route management system “CabDoc“. We offer you the usage of this software to document your own network structure as well.

Preconditions For Use

Every user with a GWDG account can use “CabDoc“ within our terminalserver environment. You do not have to host this software by yourself.

How To Use

Your Advantages

  • A network structure documented by your local network administrator
  • A complete view of your cable structure (copper and fiber optic) to port-level is possible.
  • A true to scale illustration of your components (distribution racks, Switches etc.)
  • Several presentation views of your topology
  • Simple navigation within the software without CAD knowledge
  • Convenient usage via drag & drop