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Storage Services

GWDG Cloud Share

Your Requirement

You would like to keep your data or folders synchronous between several PCs and also be able to work offline with them. Additionally you may want to grant access to selected files to persons outside the Max Planck Society respectively University of Göttingen.

Our Offer

With the “GWDG Cloud Share“ service we offer sync and share functionalities with the software “PowerFolder”. The service is operated on GWDG mass storage in our own data centres.

This service will be discontinued beginning of 2019 and usage of the service will be restricted from Oktober 2018 onwards.

Migration of your files to GWDG ownCloud ist possible.

For more information on migrating your data please see the guide for migration.

Preconditions For Use

The service is available to all members of the Max Plank Society and the University of Göttingen. Every user can log into the “GWDG Cloud Share“ Portal and directly use the service. The only requirement is a valid e-mail address. Persons outside of the Max Planck Society respectively University of Göttingen can be invited for file and data sharing.

How To Use

Your Advantages

  • Trusted cloud data storage for sync and share
  • Open service for file sharing also with external users
  • 50 GByte default storage space per user; flexible increase possible upon request
  • Clients available for all common desktop and mobile devices
  • Web interface for flexible platform-independent access
  • Manual maintaining of copies of your files is no longer required (copies on USB sticks and mailing large e-mail attachments superfluous)


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