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Application Services

Application and Registration Services

Your Requirement

You would like to implement an application or general registration procedure, e.g. for open positions or meeting management. Applicants should apply online and be able to be automatically notified per e-mail. Evaluators should have access to the applications or registrations via the WWW and be able to render evaluations online.

Our Offer

On request we create individual Lotus Notes databases which are open to all candidates or registrants via a web browser. The created documents can only be viewed, processed and evaluated by selected evaluators via the WWW and from specific staff members of your institute. The applications received will be sorted and displayed according to your criteria. Further workflows can be designed individually.

Preconditions For Use

For their applications applicants require merely the internet access and a web browser. Those processing the data
sets can use either Lotus Client made available by GWDG free of charge or a web browser. Evaluators can enter their assessments in a web browser. The service, customization support as well as mandatory consulting can be requested via

How To Use

Your Advantages

  • High performance, reliable system to receive applications or registrations via the WWW
  • Appropriate data protection storage and processing of data
  • Distribution of documents on paper is superfluous as access by evaluators or others responsible takes place via the WWW.
  • Every workflow is adjustable to your situation
  • Candidates can be notified automatically per e-mail (e.g. a rejection)