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General Services

Identity and Access Management [Uni]

Your Requirement

As a user you want to use central IT services of the University and the University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG), the Göttingen State an University Library (SUB) and of the GWDG with your known credentials. You want to connect your IT services to the IAM to allow staff and students to use them with their known uniform credentials.

Our Offer

We provide the central directory service “Metadir“ for the University of Göttingen, which includes all staff and student accounts of the university. That is available to you for the authentication and authorization of your services. Additionally with “IdM as a service“ we help you to implement all your local processes regarding user management according to your requirements and wishes.

Preconditions For Use

An existing local user management with a directory service or database or a service you want to provide for members of the university or other research facilities.

How To Use

Your Advantages

  • Implementation of the uniform staff and student account for the University of Göttingen Implementation of all the organizational and technical processes of the user management, roles and permissions
  • Aggregation of existing identities and accounts
  • Achievement of convergence in the areas of directory services and user accounts
  • Building processes for creating and deprovisioning of user accounts
  • Creating of roles in the target directories
  • Profit from automatic processes regarding the “uniform staff account“ like joining and leaving the university
  • Easy provision of IT services/resources for members of the university or other research facilities
  • Simple and flexible access to multiple web services in the DFN- and eduGAIN-AAI (see also the SSO/AAI service)