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General Services


Your Requirement

You own a video conferencing system and you want to perform and manage video conferencing with one or more partners simultaneously to discuss your scientific projects. Or you want to use web-based video conferencing capabilities such as application and data sharing, chat or document exchange by using standard web browser software.

Our Offer

By connecting your video conferencing system to one of our gatekeeper servers you will be able to use the video conferencing services of the DFN, such as multi-point conferences directly from your system. All conferencing systems based on the H.323 ITU standard are supported. Alternatively, the web conferencing service of the DFN provides a flash-based way to transfer audio/video in a multi- point fashion and, if requested, for example your own desktop too.

Preconditions For Use

A client able to access the gatekeeper services is needed.

How To Use

Your Advantages

  • Multipoint conferences directly on your desk or on your room system
  • No reservation or booking required – immediately available at any time.
  • Video conferencing in high definition (HD) quality
  • Audio conferencing directly on your computer or by using an ISDN phone without additional purchases
  • Passive participation in video conferences by streaming or records of conferences
  • International communication via the gatekeeper structure of the DFN
  • Web-conferencing with Adobe Connect to transmit audio and video with your web browser – without any reservation and at any time
  • Realization of web-based meetings and seminars with multiple participants
  • Use of features such as MS PowerPoint presentation archives, application sharing, chat, shared whiteboard or records of meetings