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Network Services

IP Address Management System

Your Requirement

You want a central and professional administration of IP address assignments, DNS and DHCP services (IPv4 and IPv6). You want to delegate maintenance of parts of the IP, DNS and DHCP data to your subordinate administrators. You want high available DNS and DHCP services provided by appliance technology.

Our Offer

We offer you to use our IP address management (IPAM) system, which provides multi-tenancy support. The address space and DNS name space can be maintained by one or several local administrators. The data synchronization to the responsible DNS and DHCP services takes place periodically or instantaneously on demand. DNS and DHCP can be delivered locally via centrally administered appliances.

Preconditions For Use

Your institute must name one or more administrators. For local DNS services the integration of an existing DNS server or a local appliance is required. DHCP services always require a local appliance. Locally installed appliances must be purchased by your institute (optional; depending on the institute’s requirements).

How To Use

Your Advantages

  • The IPv4 and IPv6 address lists are administered in a professional way.
  • The consistency of the data in the address and name space is guaranteed.
  • The maintenance via the web interface does not need much training and requires less technical expertise on DNS and DHCP services and operating systems from your own staff.
  • The administration of parts of the address and name space to various subordinate administrators can be delegated.
  • Local DNS and DHCP appliances can provide high available services on site (optional).
  • Use of the GWDG DNS server for public DNS databases (without the necessity to operate a server yourself; optional)