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Server Services

Web Hosting

Your Requirement

You want to host your own web site for a project or institute, but you lack the necessary technical prerequisites at your institute.

Our Offer

We offer you virtual web servers at GWDG. Using a LAMP environment you can create your own web site. Making use of the concept of name-based virtual web servers from Apache the URLs of the server can use names from your institute’s domain name space although in reality they are running at a server operated by us.

Preconditions For Use

To operate a virtual web server at GWDG it is only required to have a GWDG account.

How To Use

Your Advantages

  • Backup of all data on regular basis by our backup systems with TSM
  • Provision, operation and maintenance of the hardware and network infrastructure
  • Simple SFTP access to data
  • System administration and maintenance (operating systems and central software components) through the GWDG
  • Central monitoring through the GWDG
  • Own domain possible
  • Opportunity of encryption of the virtual web server with SSL on the basis of the GWDG-CA issued certificate
  • For the use of wikis a maintained solution is available.