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General Services

Identity and Access Management [MPG]

Your Requirement

You want to automate and improve the user management in your institute. You want to connect different directory services such like Windows AD, LDAP, etc. with each other, so that users are synchronized in both (or more) directories. You want to join easily common resources of the Max Planck Institutes or services of the GWDG by participating in the common directory “MPG-MetaDir“. You also want to provide your own services to the Max-Planck-Society.

Our Offer

With “IAM as a service“ we help you to implement all your local processes regarding user management according to your requirements and wishes.

We provide a common directory for the Max Planck Institutes called “MPG-MetaDir“. Every Max Planck Institute can join to it to use or share central services very easily. With the “MPG- MetaDir“ the user can get access to many central resources of the Max Planck Society and services of the GWDG. With joining to the “MPG-MetaDir“, the institute also achieved a more flexible user management.

Preconditions For Use

An existing directory service, database or identity provider (e.g. based on SAML/Shibboleth) in your institute.

How To Use

Your Advantages

  • Implementation of all the organizational and technical processes of the user management, roles and permissions
  • Aggregation of existing identities and accounts
  • Achievement of convergence in the areas of directory services and user accounts
  • Building processes for creating and deprovisioning user accounts
  • Implementation of access control and/or user rights in the connected directories
  • Creating of roles in the target directories
  • Easy and effordless access to common shared resources of the Max Planck Institutes and services of the GWDG e.g. Exchange, eduroam, GWDG Cloud Share, VMware or SharePoint
  • Easy provision of IT services/resources for other Max Planck Institutes or research facilities
  • Simple and flexible access to multiple web services in the DFN- and MPG-AAI