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  1. Q: How do I increase my quota?
    A: Write a mail to support@gwdg.de requesting more quota. Please always consider to move old files into the archive beforehand.
  2. Q: Can I get HPC access with my student account?
    A: No, you cannot use the HPC system with your account associated to the stud.uni-goettingen.de domain. You need a full GWDG account. If you are employed by the University, the Max Planck Society or the Universities Medical Centre you have an "Einheitlicher Mitarbeiter Account". If not, please contact hpc@gwdg.de for further information or fill in the application form with your supervisors and then send an activation request with your GWDG user ID to hpc@gwdg.de.
  3. Q: The limit of 120 hours (i.e. five days) runtime is too constraining, I need more runtime. Is that possible?
    A: We do not encourage longer runtimes than five days, as the probability of failure increases over time. Instead, we highly recommend job dependency chains and checkpointing your program. If those chains are not feasible in your case, please contact hpc@gwdg.de
  4. Q: How much does HPC usage cost?
    A: As all services, also the usage of our HPC resources is accounted in AE. For the current pricing, see the Dienstleistungskatalog.
  5. Q: When will my job start?
    A: You can use scontrol show job $JOBID | grep StartTime to get an estimate for the starttime of your job. However, this information is not always available.
  6. Q: Why can't I use Gaussian?
    A: Access to Gaussian is restricted due to license requirements. In order to enable your account for Gaussian, please contact hpc@gwdg.de with the following information:
    • Your username
    • Information on amount, size (in terms of molecule size or number of basis functions) and computational method (for example DFT/6-311G* geometry optimizations) of your planned calculations


Information and help on the usage of the HPC services for the university and MPG (SCC and GöHPC systems).

HPC on Campus

HPC-Systems hosted by GWDG on the Göttingen campus.

The GWDG, as the joint data center of the University of Göttingen and the Max Planck Society, hosts the Scientific Compute Cluster (SCC) to ensure access to a local HPC-system for all scientists. In this role, the GWGD also hosts intitute-owned systems in the scope of the GöHPC cooperation in an integrated hosting concept. In addition, the GWDG will be hosting two external systems: already now the Göttingen HLRN-IV system and from the end of 2020 on the Göttingen site of the HPC initiative of the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

Research and Science

Research, teaching and consultation on HPC on the Göttingen campus.

In addition to IT operations, one of the GWDG's main areas of activity is research and  science. This is underlined by the various projects and the chairs of Prof. Dr. Ramin Yahyapour and Prof. Dr. Philipp Wieder. The HPC team is also commited to the promotion of young scientists by supporting teaching and supervising master and doctoral theses.

The GWDG and in particular the HPC team are in close contact with the researchers who work on the HPC systems of the GWDG. This results in various methodological and application science synergies and projects, which are consolidated under the label GöHPC.

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