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Network Services

Client Management for macOS and iOS

Your Requirement

You want to ensure that the macOS systems used by your colleagues are up-to-date and secure. Keeping their machines up to date should be possible without any hassles. You want to provide to them with specific software packages or You want to preconfigure system settings, for example, the settings of the printer used in your institute. You are looking for a central software distribution of Apps to work stations within your institution (macOS and iOS). New configurations and installations of programs on your iOS devices should occur through Zero-Touch-Deployment.

Our Offer

External management of your macOS and iOS devices, including an extensive group-based, expandable self-service customized to your needs. Device-based App distribution whereby your institution remains the owner of the Apps Zero-Touch-Deployment through use of Device Enrollment Program (DEP). Provision and installation of configuration profiles. Complete overview of all your institution’s devices including system reports. Opportunity to purchase Apps through the Apple Volume Purchase Program (for education) ensuring that you too profit from the educational rebates.

Preconditions For Use

Accessibility to the Active Directory

How To Use

Your Advantages

  • Automatic and prompt updates of the software
  • Remote support possible (only with explicit consent)
  • Monitoring of hardware functionality (e.g. hard drives, memory, etc.)
  • Addition and/or deactivation of specific services and functions based on your needs
  • Increase security through policy-based prevention of non-authorized and potential malware
  • Deployment of ready-to-use software packages through our Self-Service App. No administrative privileges are required hereby for the user
  • Self-Service packages can be customized to fit the needs of individual groups within an institution
  • Local admins can administrate devices under their authority without external interference