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Network Services

Integration into the Active Directory

Your Requirement

You want to benefit from all the advantages of an Active Directory integration of your MS Windows based computers which essentially are simple and centralized administration, improved security, centralized user management, and reduced administrative workload. You want to provide central IT services and resources in your environment, and you need access to resources provided by GWDG such as SharePoint or printing services. Last but not least, you would like to make your IT environment more user friendly.

Our Offer

We will support you to inegrate your computer systems into the GWDG Active Directory. We will train you how to manage your individual group policies and how to create concepts for supplying operating system updates and Sophos Anti-Virus software centrally. We help you to increase user-friendliness in your environment by using roaming profiles and login scripts. By means of the Active Directory, we demonstrate how to set up central services in your network or how to take benefit from services of GWDG.

Preconditions For Use

Computers with up-to-date MS Windows operating systems.

How To Use

Your Advantages

  • Benefit from years of practical experience in optimal design and structuring of an Active Directory
  • Hands-on training of your IT staff by active participation in concept development and Active Directory integration in your environment
  • Setting up central services such as the Windows printing service or Sophos Enterprise Console
  • More satisfied colleagues by roaming profiles and login scripts – moving to new hardware is easy since personal environments are retained without change.
  • Simple authentication and authorization for using GWDG services like MS SharePoint and MS Exchange
  • Central user account management for various operating systems