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Research Data Management

Publication Management

Your Requirement

You would like to manage your publications and the associated publication data in a contemporary manner.

Our Offer

GRO.publications offers you simple and web-based management of your publication data. Bring together data, filter, link or export your publication data for use with different citation styles and formats or on different websites. The service is part of the portal Göttingen Reserach Online by the Göttingen eResearch Alliance.

Technical Details:
GRO.publications is based on the open source software DSpace and its CRIS extension package (DSpace-CRIS). The service is integrated into the infrastructure of GWDG and SUB and is available to you in accordance with the applicable data protection and security requirements.

Preconditions For Use

Log in to GRO.publications with your GWDG account. Or register directly.

How To Use

Your Advantages

  • Web-based access
  • Import of publication data from authoritative sources
  • Export to various output formats (citation styles)
  • Linking with research profiles (e.g. ORCID)


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