Göttingen eResearch Alliance

The Göttingen eResearch Alliance is dedicated to support researchers and lecturers of the Göttingen Campus with e-research infrastructures for collaborative work and employing digital tools and innovative technologies for their research and teaching. For this purpose, the Göttingen eResearch Alliance as a cooperation of the SUB Göttingen and the GWDG is permanently supported by the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. Digital tools and methods are an important motor of scientific progress because they do not only help to answer questions more efficiently than before, but they also make it possible to investigate new research questions. The aim of the Göttingen eResearch Alliance is to enhance the scientific progress and capabilities of research teams and individual researchers. First topics for pioneering coordinated e-research support for the Göttingen Campus are research data management, visualisation techniques and object collections.

Please find more information here http://www.eresearch.uni-goettingen.de/.