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Project Title


Project Goals

The DARIAH-DE project, started in 2011, now in the third funding period, is developing a sustainable research infrastructure in Europe for long-term availability of cultural heritage and research data for the digital humanities. The project is located in the European association DARIAH-EU and contributes pooling and networking state-of-the-art activities of Digital Humanities. As a part of the European ESFRI initiative collaborate a great number of national and international institutions. Together the build the biggest project in Humanities in Europe for the development of infrastructures in the relevant research areas. Already in Germany 19 partners are involved.

The focus of the first funding period was to develop a concept and basic services. Within the German part of the project DARIAH-DE the Collection Registry was developed. It contains about 150 collection of research data (April 2017). Together with the Generic Search and the Schema Registry build the basic services. These services allow to enter, identify, and edit research data.

On this basic it was possible to learn about user requirements and develop technical solutions within the second funding period. A large number of tools and services have gradually been integrated into the DARIAH platform.

The focus of the third funding period is setting the digital research platform productive for eHumanities widespread.

GWDG’s Role in the Project

The GWDG is working together with other data centres to identify the special needs on availableness and referencing research data and the developing of new computer supported research methods.  The strength of the GWDG lies in persistent identification of data by means of PIDs (Persistent Identifiers) and long-term accessibility and usability of scientific digital information, so that research data will be reusable for many years to come.

Project Funding

Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Grant No 01UG1110C and 01UG1610C

Project Partners

The DAHRIA-EU-Network involves 68 members.

The DARIAH-DE Project is connects 19 partners (April 2017) with various scientific backgrounds out of Humanities and Technology. To this network belong universities, data centres, other relevant institutions, one Academy of Sciences, one enterprise, and libraries. Futher added are associated initiatives and projects which are using the DARIAH infrastructure.

Project coordinator: Niedersächsischen Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen.

Further partners you will find here.

Additional Information

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  • Short movie Virtual Research Worlds: New Technology in the Humanities





Dr. Ulrich Schwardmann
 Dr. Tibor Kálmán


01.03.2011 - 28.02.2019