Research Foci

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Research Foci

The research priorities of the GWDG form the basis for its own research work and developments. Projects and cooperations support the GWDG in providing future-oriented, powerful and innovative information services and communication and computer systems for its customers as well as reliable data management and archiving of research results. Our main research areas are not separate pillars, but complement each other and intertwine in terms of content. 

Cloud Infrastructures

In the area of Cloud Infrastructures, the GWDG researches the interaction of the categories compute - servers required to provide cloud services, network - data transfer between computers and storage systems, and storage - hard disks and flash storage. The focus is particularly on virtualization and networking.

Data Analytics

Keywords of the data analytics research focus are the definition of data pipelines, improvements of data in- and outputs as well as the connection of data analytics and high performance computing to high performance data analytics.

Data Infrastructures

This area includes research efforts on Virtual Research Environments, the National Research Data Infrastructure, IT-based data platforms as well as repositories for the publication and long-term preservation of research data.

Research data management

Keeping research data accessible in the long term, reliably and in accordance with the FAIR principles is one of the central tasks of the GWDG. It performs research work along the life cycle of research data in the areas of documentation, analysis, publication and archiving.

High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing is needed for computationally intensive research. The GWDG conducts research on the accessibility and efficiency of HPC resources in order to improve their use and to develop and implement concepts and solutions for integrated computing environments for e.g. simulations.

Scheduling & Resource Management

Scheduling & Resource Management extends into many research areas and is becoming increasingly important in the context of cooperative research projects. The GWDG focuses its work on system integration and networking of distributed infrastructures.