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Working Groups

The performance of the GWDG is fulfilled by the employees of the following working groups with their corresponding tasks:

Working Group "Application and Information Systems" (AG A)

Operation of virtual web servers, databases, bioinformatics systems, library systems (Aleph), Apple Consulting Center, long-term data storage, information systems, application systems

Working Group "eScience" (AG E)

Research on and development of comprehensive digital infrastructures for science, business and the public sector. The focus is on data and information management, long-term data storage, IT service management, big data, cloud computing, parallel computing and scientific computing

Support of teaching at the chair in Practical Computer Science at the Center for Applied Computer Science, Göttingen University

Support of the Göttinger eResearch Alliance in Göttingen

Working Group "User Services and Operational Services" (AG H)

Helpdesk, user support, monitoring operational readiness, management systems, processing of specific user requests, print services including large format and operating peripheral devices, e-mail services, Web 2.0 services, hosting of systems, AD services, directory and information services, multimedia

Working Group "IT Infrastructure" (AG I)

File and backup/archive services, operation of virtual servers, basic infrastructure, data protection

Working Group "Networks" (AG N)

Scientific network, data transmission networks

Working Group "Basic Services and Organization" (AG O)

Reporting/accounting, user management, identity management, portal technologies, company organization, training, procurement and management of software licenses, special systems (e.g. electronic application procedures), planning and execution of courses on IT topics, press and public relations, library, groupware, collaboration systems, public key infrastructure

Working Group "Management and Cross-sectional Tasks" (AG V)

Financial accounting, inventory management, human resources, procurement, tendering, management of external funding, contract administration, controlling, cost and performance accounting, travel planning and accounting

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