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Project Goals

Research in the fields of cloud computing and resource management. In this multidisciplinary project, young researchers from computer sciences, telecommunications, scientific computing and scheduling collaborate on the development of innovative efficient methods for cloud computing to reduce the energy use and thereby the costs of data centers. Models for pooling data center to "cloud data centers" through for example service migration are to be developed. The deployment of using renewable energy sources in these cloud centers is also a topic. The kick off meeting was held in Göttingen from 27 to 28 October, 2014. Inter alia the specific objectives of CleanSky ITN were formulated.

The kick off meeting was held in Göttingen from 27 to 28 October, 2014. Inter alia the specific objectives of CleanSky ITN were formulated.

  • Implementation of specific applications corresponding to the requirements of various industrial and scientific cloud technologies.
  • Optimization of energy consumption and provisioning costs of cloud services by data centers.
  • Consolidation of could services of several data centers through methods such as scale-out or scale-up.
  • Use of renewable energy for the operation of cloud infrastructures.

GWDG’s Role in the Project

Together with an international consortium, GWDG is researching on methods and technologies, which improve the operation and the usage of cloud infrastructures. The GWDG researchers focus on resource management, services in clouds and on aspects of data storage bioinformatic applications. The results of the CleanSky project will be evaluated continuously with regard to productive use and made available for the GWDG customers.

Project Funding

The project is funded by the European Union within the framework of Marie-Curie-Actions Research Fellowship Programs as „Initial Training Network“ (ITN). In addition to its research goals, the project also aims to qualify young researchers for cloud technologies. Grant Agreement No 607584.

Project Partner

CleanSky is a multinational practice-oriented research association with partners from industry and science. Researcher and business companies from six European countries, China and the USA are involved.

The project coordination is held by the Institute of Computer Science/Computer Networks Group at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.

Additional Information

  • Yang, Song, Reliable Latency-Sensitive Cloud Storrage Provisioning, in: GWDG Nachrichten 8-9/2016, pages 15 - 17
  • Fatemi Moghaddam, Faraz, Protection Ontologie and Policy Management Engine in Clouds, in GWDG-Nachrichten 8-9/2016, pages 17 - 22
  • Wieder, Philipp, Europäisches Projekt „CleanSky“ – Die GWDG forscht an zukünftigen Cloud-Technologien, in: GWDG Nachrichten 11/2014, pages 8 - 9 (Available only in German)
  • Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Press Briefing 22.09.2014 (Available only in German)
  • Introduction Video (YouTube)




Dr. Philipp Wieder
Faraz Fatemi Moghaddam



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