Ongoing Theses

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Ongoing PhD, Master, and Bachelor Theses

I. Ongoing PhD Theses

Peter Andreas Chronz

Generic Learning Algorithms to Model Distributed Systems and Data Centre Infrastructures

Triet Ho Anh Doan

Building a scalable data pipeline platform to include HPC for processing

Maik Srba

High Performance Computing in der Cloud

Hendrik Nolte

Utilizing HPC Systems to Serve Compute Intensive Tasks from a Data Lake

Aytaj Badirova

Access Delegation and Management in Cross-Organizational Hierarchical User Groups

Mauladi Mauladi

Biometric Identity as Multi-Factor Authentication in Federated Identity Management

Ramazan Ali Bahrami

Automatic Question Generation: Clue-Answer-Aware question generation based on Reinforcement learning

Qingyang Liu

High performance and cloud computing

II. Ongoing Master Theses